Clean Slate Band

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The cleanslate band is the mothership for our current Eagles tribute. With only two original members, Jimmy Williamsom and myself, we have been touring as the boys of summer, a Don Henley turned Eagles tribute. 

Most of our dates are out of town from Montana to Texas and everywhere in between, mostly East of the Mississippi. There are so many Eagles fans throughout the world that we never run out of places to play. We love making new friends and sharing Eagles memories. It has been a lot of fun. 

We look forward to coming home to play in our old home town for friends and family. We visit the classic rock songs from the sixties to the 90s . It is Always fun to sing and dance with old friends.  

Our website is boysofsummertribute.com. We would love to get a visit from you.

HellerHighwater Band

Our FaceBook page is HellerHighwater. We would love to get a visit from you.

The Bad Dancers